Tucson Bus Riders Union

Tucson Bus Riders Union recently formed to organize and get protection for Tucson’s bus riding community. The City of Tucson has continued raising fares in these troubled economic and environmental times. Instead, it would make more sense for the city to offer affordable public transportation. For more details visit Sun Tran riders organize union to […]

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We are a C.W.A. Local 7000 Union Print Shop

The union bug is a sign of a just work place. Gloo Factory employees are under contract with the Communications Workers of America.  Together  we strive to make the work place comfortable and beneficial to all. Why do labor unions exist? To create safe working conditions, immigrant rights, equal pay and living wages and benefits […]

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Gloo Factory Ink. at Occupy Tucson

Gloo Factory Ink. participated in the Occupy Tucson protest this past weekend offering tshirts and stickers. An estimated 1000 people took part on the 1st day.

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Occupy Tucson / We are the 99 %

Gloo Factory Ink is producing new stickers and  buttons to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement that is now taking to the streets in cities all over the US. The Occupy Tucson  protest and encampment is supported by the local labor movement and average folks who want change.  It begins October 15th at […]

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Screen Printing at Who Shot Rock & Roll at Tucson Museum of Art

Gloo Factory Ink will be participating in Tucson Museum of Art’s Who Shot Rock & Roll  Art After Dark happening on October 22, 2011. We will be printing outdoors in front of the stage between 8 pm -midnight at the opening reception. Stop by and screen print your own souvenir poster. At the event we […]

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Southside Worker Center

The Southside Worker Center provides a volunteer support system to help workers and employers to negotiate day labor employment.  A  community effort of Southside Presbyterian Church, the Center also offers English classes and other opportunities for the workers. Visit  Southside Worker Center for further details.

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