Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace

Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace is a group of Tucson residents committed to re-create and authentically present the historic structures and landscapes to the regional community and visitors in the area known as Tucson’s Birthplace.  Their mission is to preserve, honor, protect, restore and promote the cultural heritage of Tucson’s Birthplace at the foot of Sentinel Peak (‘A’ Mountain).

The Mission Garden is a re-creation of the Spanish Colonial walled garden that was part of Tucson’s historic San Agustin Mission. Rebuilt on its original site and located west of downtown Tucson at the corner of Mission Rd and Mission Ln, the Garden features heirloom plants and living and Timeline Gardens, interpreting 4,000 years of Tucson agriculture.  You can learn more about them at

The picture is of their new banner created at the Gloo Factory.

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